The league is like an elevator; if someone is moving up, someone else is coming down.

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Going down

Trae Young

At least when Damian Lillard draws 6.2 fouls per game over the 2019–20 season, he’s finishing through contact and dunking on your team’s big man.

At least when James Harden drives into the key and extends his arms, he gets hacked. On some of those step-back threes, Harden gets absolutely cleaned. Up.

Trae Young has found a way to get to the free throw line without getting fouled, making the 2020–21 Hawks one of the most unwatchable teams of all time.

You know the…

With the world watching The Last Dance, the champion Chicago Bulls are at the forefront of the basketball zeitgeist. We’re reliving some of Michael Jordan’s finest hours, and while his feud with Jerry Krause has painted the Bulls general manager in a negative light, we decided that we’d try our hand at replicating his greatest achievement. Rather than being Like Mike, we’re going to start from scratch, and build a championship team from the ground up.

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Putting together a team of great players takes skill, but roster construction in it’s purest sense is an art form. As the general manager…

Charles Barkley had plenty of memorable moments on the court, but he might have had more off the court. Since he joined TNT as an analyst in 2000, Chuck has seen, forgotten and remembered it all, much to the delight of NBA fans worldwide.

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Barkley’s trademark Chuck Drawl mixed with his transparency, outlandish comments and ability to be the butt of a joke makes him my favourite TV personality. Chuck hasn’t gained my love just by saying “Kawhi Lenutt” for the last nine years, but by forging a resume of classic moments which I’m going to open the door to.

Basketball is a game of moments, and each moment has a player attached to it.

The Deep Two is taking a look at our all-time favorite players and some of the moments that define them. These are the players that cemented our love of basketball, dropped our jaws and redefined what we thought was possible inside the painted lines.

Sean, Lukas and Dante will lay out their favorite at every position and talk you through what made them so special.

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PG: John Wall

The entire reason I started following the Wizards was because of John Wall. When I was trying…

As I sit here, head spinning off my Göteborgs Rapé and sipping on a Black Minor Figures Nitro Cold Brew, desperately trying to avoid copping a stroke of that ‘rona, I’m wondering, what can I do to help the world?

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But of course! Compile a list of a few of my favourite NBA outfits in the 2000s.


After getting the idea for this article last December, I’ve compared some of the more prominent rap lyrics to current NBA players.

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I ran this article idea past The Deep Two host and editor Dante Boffa once I got to Colombia but haven’t had a chance to write it as I also went to Panama (on a cruise through the San Blas islands) as well as finding time to go to Mexico.

Yes, I’ll answer the burning questions I know you have: ‘Yes, I know, I’m well-travelled, and yes, my perspective on the world has been widened while also being…

NBA players have almost unlimited resources at their disposal. Some dress like fashion icons while some dress like… well, you should probably just read below.

The Good

Lukas Petridis

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